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Fifth Compton Symposium - First Circular



                           The Fifth

                       COMPTON Symposium

                   on Gamma-Ray Astrophysics

                      September 15-17, 1999

                            at the 

                   Sheraton Harborside Hotel
                   Portsmouth, New Hampshire

                           HOSTED by 

              The University of New Hampshire
   The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Science Support Center

                      Scientific Program

The scientific program and format for the 5th Compton Symposium will
generally follow the format for the previous Compton symposia.  A
mixture of invited talks, contributed papers, and poster presentations
will cover the current status of observational and theoretical gamma
ray astrophysics.  Observational results from CGRO, and results from
XTE, SAX, AXAF, ASCA, ROSAT, ground-based VHE gamma-ray and radio
observatories, and other ground-based and space missions related to
astrophysical sources with emission greater than 10 keV are solicited.
A session devoted to the GLAST mission is also planned.  Gamma ray
bursts and solar flares will only be summarized in invited reviews.
The planned program includes the following topics:

Galactic Astronomy:

Pulsars, X-rays binaries and other energetic stellar systems, novae,
supernovae and  remnants, molecular clouds, unidentified galactic gamma ray
sources, interstellar medium,  cosmic rays and galactic structure,

Extragalactic Astronomy:

Active galactic nuclei, Seyfert galaxies, blazars, high latitude unidentified 
sources, cosmic gamma-ray background, nearby normal galaxies.

Summary talks on status of gamma ray bursts and energetic solar flares.

Future requirements, instruments and missions for gamma ray astrophysics.

Scientific Organizing Committee:         Local Organizing Committee:       
(tentative listing)
     J. Ryan, Chair                           M. McConnell, Co-Chair       
     M. Baring                                C. Shrader, Co-Chair         
     M. Cherry                                R. Pendexter, Secretary       
     E. Chupp				      C. Kustra                 
     G. Fishman                               S. Barnes
     N. Gehrels                               
     K. Hurley                                
     J. Kurfess
     V. Schoenfelder
     H. Voelk
     T. Weekes

If you wish to be placed on our mailing list, PLEASE complete the
following electronic form and return it by e-mail to: compton5@unh.edu


Last Name:

First Name:







ZIP Code:






          I'm interested in attending the 5th Compton Symposium. ____

          I will probably not attend, but keep me on 
          the mailing list for circulars and program. ____


          I plan to contribute a paper. ___

          I plan to contribute a poster. ___

Lodging Requirements:

          Anticipated number of single rooms at conference hotel. ____

          Anticipated number of double rooms at conference hotel. ____

          I anticipate extending my stay before/after the meeting (yes/no). ____

	  Number of accompanying persons. ____

This form is also available via the World Wide Web and can be submitted
directly using your forms-compliant web browser.  The URL for this
announcement is:


Alternatively, you may send this information by U.S. mail or by FAX to:

Ms. Robbin Pendexter
Space Science Center
Morse Hall
University of New Hampshire
Durham, NH 03824-3525
Phone: (603) 862-1061
Fax:   (603) 862-4685

Please distribute this announcement to your colleagues and post it at your


The Conference Proceedings will be published.

There will be a conference registration fee for all participants.  The
amount will be announced in the Second Circular, as will banquet plans
and other conference details.


Portsmouth, N.H., a city of 23,000, sits near the mouth of the
Piscataqua River, a short, wide river that divides New Hampshire and
Maine. It is the principle town of the seacoast region of New 
Hampshire.  Billed as the "smallest seacoast in America", the 
New Hampshire coastline is only 18 miles long, but the region 
encompasses 25 towns between Maine and Massachusetts.  It is a 
region rich in history and culture.

Settled in 1623, Portsmouth itself lays claim to being the nation's
third-oldest city. It served as a focal point on the Eastern seaboard
until the late 1800s when rail travel did in the shipping
industry. John Paul Jones' ship The Ranger was built in Portsmouth,
and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (which lies across the river in
Maine) was established in 1800 as the country's first Naval shipyard.

Many historic homes have been preserved, and there are several notable
museums in the Portsmouth area, including the Strawbery Banke Museum
and the American Independence Museum. The geographic location,
historic past and cultural strength of the area regularly lands it on
various "best places to live" lists.

The region is noted for its many restaurants, attractions and shopping
opportunities, which include outlet malls in North Hampton and in
Kittery, Maine, as well as major malls in Newington, New Hampshire.
(Shopping within the state of New Hampshire is tax-free.)

There is much to do in and around Portsmouth.  We encourage attendees
to extend their stay and take advantage of the many available
activities.  We have arranged to make conference rates available for a
limited number of hotel rooms before and after the conference.


Portsmouth is accessible by air, bus, or automobile.  There are 3
airports serving the Portsmouth area.  The following airports are each
within 60 miles of Portsmouth: Boston's Logan International Airport;
Manchester Airport (Manchester, NH); Portland International Airport
(Portland, ME).  Limousine, shuttle or taxi services are available.
Bus services to Portsmouth are also available from Boston's South
Station bus terminal. Given the close proximity of the conference 
hotel to the downtown Portsmouth area, car rental will not be 


The Sheraton Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth will be the conference
hotel.  The Sheraton is located on the Portsmouth waterfront.
Numerous restaurants, shops, historic sites and recreational
activities are within easy walking distance from the Sheraton.  Room
blocks have been reserved for conference participants at both the
Sheraton Harborside and at the Hampton Inn of Portsmouth, located
about 2 miles from the Sheraton.  Shuttle bus service (including
evening service for those who wish to remain in the downtown area)
will be provided for those staying at the Hampton Inn.


A packet of local information will be provided for each registrant.
In additon, should there be sufficient interest, a program of
activities for accompanying persons will be organized.  Given the
variety of activities in the Portsmouth area, this would be a great
place to bring along friends and family!


We plan to arrange for the availability of child care for the families
of meeting attendees.


For those who plan to stay in the area for the Saturday following the
conference, an excursion (or excursions) may be organized.  The list
of possible excursions includes a whale watch, a harbor cruise or a
trip to the White Mountains.  Exact plans will be based on the
interests of the conference registrants.  (A selection of activities
will be made available on the conference registration form.)