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Suzaku News #010: AO Updates

This update contains the following items of note:

* Early release data
* Suzaku RPS Open
* Reduced support during Dec 27-30
* Near-future updates 


* Early release data

The Suzaku team at ISAS/JAXA has released a selection of early observations
to the public.  We caution that the software and calibration files used in
producing these files are still preliminary.  Nevertheless, these data should
allow the community to become familiar with the file format as well as
the quality of Suzaku data.

In particular, an observation of the North Ecliptic Pole area is included
in this release, which can be used as blank sky background data.

US-based researchers should consult:


* Suzaku RPS Open

Remote Proposal System (RPS) for Suzaku is now ready for your use.
The URL for US-based researchers is:


* Reduced support during Dec 27-30

We anticipate that the Suzaku GOF and affiliated groups at NASA/GSFC
will be short-staffed during the above-mentioned period (please note
that Dec 26 is a federal holiday this year).  While we are making
arrangements to ensure that there will be support for every aspect
relevant to Suzaku proposal preparation and submission, our responses
to questions and requests may well be slow during this period.  We thank
you in advance for your understanding.

In particular, please note that RPS requires that the institutions
of the PIs and the co-Is be selected from our list.  If you or your
collaborators are affiliated with an institution that is not on
our current list, you must notify the RPS help desk beforehand.
Please check:


by Dec 23 to avoid last-minute panic.

* Near-future updates

We intend to provide the following items by the end of this week

+ Information regarding the XRT vignetting and observations of extended sources
+ XIS background spectra

Please check


for these updates.
A service of the U.S. Suzaku Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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