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Suzaku News #033: The Suzaku X-ray Universe - 2nd Announcement

2nd Announcement: The Suzaku X-ray Universe
Catamaran Hotel
San Diego, CA
December 10-12th, 2007

I. Conference Objectives

This conference will present and discuss results from the 5th 
Japanese satellite Suzaku (Astro-EII) which was launched on July 10, 
2005. Suzaku was developed at the Institute of Space and 
Astronautical Science of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 
(ISAS/JAXA) in collaboration with NASA. The mission brings new 
capabilities to observe all classes of Astronomical objects including 
Active Galactic Nuclei, Clusters of Galaxies, Stars, Supernova 
remnants, X-ray binaries, and solar system objects. After a seven 
month performance verification phase, Suzaku became an 
observatory open to use by the world-wide astronomical community in 
April 2006. Already more than 50 papers have been or to be published 
soon in the special issue of the Publication of Astronomical Society of 
Japan (2007).

This conference will present results from both the performance 
verification phase and the guest observer program. The conference 
will also provide us with the future science topics to be explored with 
Suzaku in coming years, to help prepare the case for the upcoming 
NASA senior review.

II. Invited speakers 

In order to cover the major Suzaku results and related fields, the 
science organizing committee has invited speakers in the following list 
(titles are provisional).

1. Black Holes: Close to the event Horizon 
 	C. Reynolds (University of Maryland)
2. Contribution of Compton thick AGN to CXB 
 	Y. Ueda (Kyoto University)
3. AGN Winds 
 	J. Reeves (Keele University)
4. Hard X-ray Surveys and Suzaku Follow-up 
	R. Mushotzky (GSFC)
5. AGN Structure: Clues from X-ray Spectral Variability 
 	M. Elvis (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
6. Radio Loud QSOs and Blazars 
	J. Kataoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
7. GLAST and Suzaku 
	R. Sambruna (GSFC)
8. Broad Iron K lines: The Black Hole - Neutron Star Connection 
	J. Miller (University of Michigan)
9. Continuum of Stellar Mass Black Holes 
	C. Done (University of Durham)
10. Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
	K. Makishima (University of Tokyo)
11. CVs 
	M. Ishida (ISAS/JAXA)
12. Galactic Center Region 
 	K. Koyama (Kyoto University)
13. Diffuse Interstellar Medium 
	R. Shelton (University of Georgia)
14. X-ray Emission from The Galactic Ridge 
	M. Revnivtsev (Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics)
15. Suzaku Observations of Clusters 
	P. Henry (University of Hawaii)
16. Search for the Missing Baryons 
	T. Ohashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
17. Hard X-ray emission from Clusters 
	Y. Fukazawa (Hiroshima University)
18. Groups of Galaxies 
	M. Lowenstein (University of Maryland and GSFC)
19. Herschel and Suzaku 
	G. Helou (IPAC/CalTech)
20. Thermal Supernova Remnants 
	U. Hwang (Johns Hopkins University and GSFC)
21. Non-thermal Supernova Remnants 
	A. Bamba (ISAS/JAXA)
22. New Insights into Cosmic-ray Acceleration in SNRs 
	Y. Uchiyama (ISAS/JAXA)	
23. Stars 
	M. Tsujimoto (Penn State University)	
24. Future I: Extended Galactic and Extragalactic Objects 
	J. Hughes (Rutgers University)
25. Future II: Galactic and Extra Galactic Compact 
	G. Hasinger (Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)

III. Abstract submission

During the three days conference, we would like to invite contributed 
papers (oral and poster presentations) with particular emphasis for 
guest observers of  the Suzaku AO-1 and 2 to present their results. 
Please use following URL for submission of abstracts. 


The deadline for submission is October 30th, 2007. Abstracts 
must be submitted in Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) formats and 
should be no longer than a half page and no more than 1MB. Authors 
will be notified of acceptance by November 15th, 2007.

IV. Conference details

The next circular will be in November, which will provide the final program
and  conference details, including poster session and others. Currently the 
conference Web page is available at the following URL,


Please register for the meeting as soon as possible to ensure further 
meeting details are received. 

We encourage participants to book the hotel as soon as possible. 
There are a limited number of rooms at the block booking rate.

V. Conference organization
Science Organizing Committee
N. White (GSFC/NASA, USA) - Co-chair 
H. Kunieda (Nagoya University, Japan) - Co-chair 
 M. Bautz (MIT, USA) 
 N. Brickhouse (SAO/CFA, USA) 
 A. Fabian (U. Cambridge, UK) 
 R. Griffiths (CMU, USA) 
 G. Hasinger (MPE, Germany) 
 P. Henry (U. Hawaii, USA) 
 J. Hughes (Rutger U., USA) 
 R. Kelley (GSFC/NASA, USA) 
 K. Koyama (Kyoto U., Japan) 
 K. Makishima (U. Tokyo, Japan) 
 D. McCammon (Wisconsin U., USA) 
 K. Mitsuda (ISAS/JAXA, Japan) 
 R. Mushotzky (GSFC/NASA, USA) 
 T. Ohashi (Tokyo Metro U, Japan) 
 A. Parmar (ESTEC/ESA, The Netherlands) 
 R. Petre (GSFC/NASA, USA) 
 R. Rothschild (UCSD, USA) 
 T. Takahashi (ISAS/JAXA, Japan) 
 H. Tsunemi (Osaka U., Japan) 
 Y. Ueda (Kyoto U., Japan)
 G. Madjeski (Stanford U. USA)

Local Organizing Committee
Rick Rothschild, Tom Skelton, Kim Greist, and David Kirkman (UCSD) 
 Jerry Orosz (San Diego State University)
 Gagik Tovmasian (Observatorio Astronomico Nacional Mexico)
 Manabu Ishida (ISAS/JAXA)
 Ryuichi Fujimoto (Kanazawa Univ.)
 Kazuhiro Nakazawa (Tokyo Univ.)

A service of the U.S. Suzaku Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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