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Suzaku News #032: Release of Suzaku software (v6.0)

July 30, 2007

 New release of the Suzaku software is available for download.

 Software :

  The Suzaku software (version 6.0) has been released as part of the
  HEAsoft version 6.3.1 and can be downloaded from:


  The changes in the Suzaku software and related packages are listed
  in the HEAsoft Release Notes 6.3.1 at:


  Also see the Suzaku GOF web pages at :

  Both source and binary distributions are available for all the
  supported platforms. These are listed at :


  For detailed installation information, see the install document,
  available online (or in each distribution) at:


  Please report any Suzaku software problem via:


  and select Suzaku under "Choose a mailing list"

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