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Suzaku News #046: Suzaku Cycle 3 Target List released

Suzaku Cycle 3 Target List released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Suzaku AO-3 target list.

Observing proposals were solicited internationally through an open
process.  Following the initial selection by national reviews, the
combined Japanese, US, and ESA target list was finalized by the
international merging meeting held at ISAS/JAXA.  AO-3 observations
will be carried out during the period 2008 April 1 and 2009 March 31.

The list is available at:


US scientists who have submitted observing proposals through NASA will
receive individual notifications in due course.  These will include
evaluations by the peer review and, for successful proposers, information
on the Stage 2 (budget proposal) process.

A service of the U.S. Suzaku Guest Observer Facility, NASA/GSFC.

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