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Suzaku News #047: Software (v8.0), calibration and email update

April 22 , 2008

 New release of the Suzaku software and calibration data is available
 for download.

 Software :

  The Suzaku software (version 8.0) has been released as part of the
  HEAsoft version 6.4.1 and can be downloaded from:


  The changes in the Suzaku software and related packages are listed
  in the HEAsoft Release Notes 6.4.1 at:


  Also see the Suzaku GOF web pages at :

  Both source and binary distributions are available for all the
  supported platforms. These are listed at :


  For detailed installation information, see the install document,
  available online (or in each distribution) at:


  Please report any Suzaku software problem via:


  and select Suzaku under "Choose a mailing list"


   The latest calibration files released for all instruments are:
   HXD (20080401) and  XIS (20080401)  

  The Suzaku CALDB can be downloaded via the Web at or via anonymous
  ftp to be installed on the user's machine or local network.


  There is one tar file for each instrument (HXD, and XIS ).
  They include the XRS CALDB file (the teldef) necessary to run some of
  the software tools.
  The CALDB tar files are available from the CALDB Suzaku Web page at :


  or via anonymous ftp at:


  The CALDB installation procedure is available at:


  *** NOTE on the current access to CALDB

  Note that with this software release all Suzaku tasks support the automatic 
  queries to CALDB.

  *** HELP

 Please report any problems with the installation procedure to:


  and select CALDB under "Choose a mailing list"

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