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Suzaku News #054: AO-4 Released/NXB database issue

16 September 2008


[1] Release of AO-4 Call for Proposals
[2] A problem in the NXB database of XIS1 for the SCI-off observations


[1] Release of AO-4 Call for Proposals

We are pleased to announce the release of the AO-4 Call for Proposals for
the X-ray astronomy satellite, Suzaku.

Proposals are due on December 5, 2008.  As with past cycles, proposals
are accepted at ISAS/JAXA, NASA, and ESA depending on the primary
affiliation of the principal investigator.

In this cycle, we solicit Key Project proposals in addition to regular
proposals.  Key Projects are defined as comprehensive observing programs
sampling a number of objects of a particular class, or surveying a large
region of the sky, in order to take maximal advantage of the unique
attributes of Suzaku to address important astrophysical problems.
Investigators are invited to propose Key Projects to NASA or JAXA.
The Suzaku project plans to reserve up to 2 Ms annually for the Key
Projects.  It is expected that at least 2 Key Projects will be underway
at any time. If a Key Project requires more than the time available in
a year it will be extended until complete.

For further details on both regular and Key Project proposals,
US-based scientists are directed to:


Scientists in ESA member countries are directed to:


Scientists in all other countries (not least in Japan) are directed to:


			Kazuhisa Mitsuda, Project Manager, ISAS/JAXA
			Tadayuki Takahashi, Project sub-manager, ISAS/JAXA
			Hideyo Kunieda, Project scientist, Nagoya University


[2] A problem in the NXB database of XIS1 for the SCI-off observations

The XIS team has discovered a problem in the latest Non X-ray Background (NXB)
database for XIS1 for SCI-off observations (ae_xi1_nxbsciof_20071226.fits);
the database includes data before the XIS1 door opened.  Please refer to


for further details.