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GSFC XMM GOF Status Report #008, Forward of SOC Bulletin

XMM Status Report #008
3 March 1999

Forward of XMM SOC e-mail bulletin

Note that the hours are: 21:00 EST Wednesday 3 March to 02:00 EST 
Thursday 4 March.


Dear colleague,

please note that tonight, Thursday 4.3.99, from 2:00 to 7:00 GMT the
XRPS software will not be available for XMM proposal submission!
If you should currently be working with XRPS, please "commit" all 
input into your working memory before that time.

The interruption is due to a switchover of all of ESOC to a new power 
supply system and is therefore beyond the control of the XMM team. We 
apologise in advance for any convenience this might cause you!

Best regards,
Michael Dahlem
(on behalf of Fred Jansen, XMM Project Scientist)