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GSFC XMM GOF Status Report #017

XMM Status Report #017
30 November 1999

XMM AO-1 Results

ESA is now contacting by e-mail PIs of XMM GO proposals
with the results of the AO-1 review process.  In
addition, a list of successful proposals will be made
generally available in a couple of days.

US PIs and US Co-Is of foreign-PI successful proposals
will be invited by NASA in late December/early January
to submit Stage 2 cost proposals for support of their
investigations.  It is expected that the awards of XMM
GO grants will be announced in the April/May 2000
timeframe.  Note that only one budgetary package per
proposal will be allowed (e.g.  multiple Co-Is of a
foreign PI proposal will submit only one budgetary
package between them).

The US XMM GOF also requests that successful US PIs and
US Co-Is of foreign-PI successful proposals contact us 
by e-mail (xxxhelp@athena.gsfc.nasa.gov), providing 
their e-mail address to facilitate future communication.

    Martin Still  
    for the NASA/GSFC XMM Guest Observer Facility

Martin Still  phone: (+1)-301-286-1587
NASA/GSFC       fax: (+1)-301-286-1684
Code 662      email: still@chunky.gsfc.nasa.gov
Greenbelt       www: http://lheawww.gsfc.nasa.gov/~still
MD 20771, USA