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GSFC XMM GOF Status Report #018

XMM Status Report #018
9 December 1999

XMM Launch, Live TV/Web Broadcast

ESA is planning to cover the XMM launch live on the WWW, as well on 
ESA TV.  The launch is on schedule for tomorrow morning, 10 December,
in a 09:32 - 10:02 EST window.  What follows is the text of the ESA 
announcement concerning the Web broadcast, which can be found at:


Which is found under: 
Which is found under:

> Lifting the veil on the X-ray Universe
> ESA's X-ray Multi Mirror mission - XMM - to be launched by Ariane flight 504, 
> is an eleven-metre long X-ray telescope. With its large collecting area of 
> its mirrors and the high sensitivity of its cameras, XMM is expected to 
> increase radically our understanding of high-energy sources - clues to a 
> mysterious past, and keys to understanding the future of the Universe.  
> Watch the launch 
> Live transmission starts at: 13:40 UTC (14:40 CET)
> Launch is currently scheduled at 14:32 UTC 
> The videos and the live transmission can be watched with [RealPlayer]. 
> The RealPlayer can be downloaded from http://www.real.com. 

The transmission details for the ESA TV live launch coverage can be
found at:


    Steve Snowden for the NASA/GSFC XMM Guest Observer Facility