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GSFC XMM GOF Status Report #019: Spacecraft Status

XMM Status Report #019
20 December 1999

Update from the XMM SOC at Vilspa 

- XMM is now in its final orbit with an apogee of circa    
  114,000 km and a perigee of circa 7,400 km.

- All sub-systems are in nominal condition.

- The Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) has been    

- The X-ray telescope doors are open but the internal      
  instrument doors remain closed.

- The Optical Monitor Telescope door is open.

- All scientific instruments are switched-off until        
  04/01/2000, except the Radiation Monitor which is        
  permanently ON and collecting data.

- All Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) activities have  
  been completed. The Spacecraft has been parked in a safe
  constraint-free attitude and will be left idle until     
  January 4, 2000 as a preventive measure against possible 
  Year 2000 problems beyond ESA's control (e.g. Ground     
  power or communications outage).

New year schedule:

04/01/2000: Instrument Commissioning Phase starts.

03/03/2000: Calibration and Performance Verification Phase 

01/06/2000: Routine Science Operations start.

For news and status updates follow

	Martin Still 
	for the NASA/GSFC XMM Guest Observer Facility