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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #081: Downtime/Budget information

1) Temporary Shutdown of XMM-Newton GOF Web Sites
2) Stage 2 (XMM Budgets) versus Phase 2 
   (Target Details)


1) Temporary Shutdown of XMM-Newton GOF Web Sites

Due to the approaching hurricane and concern over
the continuity of the power supply, the GOF internet
access including the archive and e-mail contact,
will be closed down at some point after noon on 
Thursday, 18 September.  We will be up and running
again as soon as possible after the hurricane has 


2) Stage 2 (XMM Budgets) versus Phase 2 
   (Target Details)

There has apparently been some confusion over the
two follow-up aspects of AO-3 for successful GOs.
These are two completely separate processes.

Phase 2: ALL successful GOs must use XRPS at the SOC 
    to submit the observational details for their 
    accepted pointings.  This is the required 
    information like instrument modes and filters.  
    PIs were notified of this requirement in their 
    award e-mails from the SOC.  Also included in 
    award e-mail were the details about how and 
    when to do so (look toward the bottom of the
    The XRPS system is reached at:
    You will need the user ID and password provided
    in the award e-mail to access your proposal(s).

Stage 2: Successful US PIs and Co-Is of foreign 
    PI proposals must submit budget proposals (due 
    Friday, 26 September) in order to be awarded 
    NASA funding for their observations.  (PIs
    of C proposals should not submit budgets at
    this time.)
    The budget process is described at:
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