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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #114: AO-5 Budget/Senior Review/Useful Information

03 February 2006



1) AO-5 Call for Budget Proposals
2) AO-5 Stage II XRPS Submissions
3) Call for 2006 Senior Review Proposal Input 
4) Profit version 1.0 Announcement


1) *****  AO-5 Call for Budget Proposals

The XMM-Newton Call for AO-5 Budget Proposals is now open
with a closing date of 17 March 2006.  Please see the
information at:


GOs with AO-4 C-target proposals who have had observations
scheduled are invited to submit budget proposals at this
time as well.  Please note that the proposal process has
changed somewhat from the past.

2) *****  AO-5 Stage II XRPS Submissions

Please note that for the XMM-Newton program, Stage II
proposal submission IS NOT the budget submission.  The ESA
XMM-Newton SOC uses "Stage II" to refer to the submission
of further observation details through XRPS to enable the
scheduling of observations.  The period for completing
submission of the Stage II information is listed in the
time allocation notification received by successful PIs.

3) *****  Call for 2006 Senior Review Proposal Input

Once again it is time to prepare a Senior Review proposal to
submit to NASA to support continued operation of the NASA side
of the XMM-Newton project.  This includes support of our
activities here at the GSFC Guest Observer Facility, some
hardware team support, and (the largest component) funding
for Guest Observer grants.  A significant  part of the
Senior Review proposal is a section presenting the great
science that the observatory has produced over the last
couple of years, and that is where you come in.  If you have
any results which are hot off the press, or just about to
be hot off the press that we can highlight, please let us
know about them in the next couple of weeks.

4) ***** Profit version 1.0 Announcement

The XMM/Newton Guest Observer Facilities is pleased to announce the
release of Profit version 1.0 at:


A graphical first-look tool for moderate to high-resolution spectral
data, profit can display spectra, identify and label emission lines,
and measure velocity shifts amongst other features.  It can read
spectral files in the common PHA format used for X-ray spectral data
as well as Type II PHA files used for Chandra grating data and simple
ASCII text files.

Profit includes atomic data for both collisional and photoionized plasma
models, and uses this data to identify features and display spectra in
velocity space.  The collisional data are from the ATOMDB database
(http://cxc.harvard.edu/atomdb) and the photoionized data are from the
XSTAR code (http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/xstar/).

Profit can be downloaded from
in both source and binary form.

Profit should run on most Unix-based systems; pre-compiled binaries
are available for:

        * Mac OSX (v10.3 and 10.4)
        * Solaris 8
        * Linux (libc 2.3)

Profit is still in active development, so comments and suggestions
are welcome; please use the Feedback form on the Profit website
to contact the developers.

A service of the XMM-Newton GOF, NASA/GSFC

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