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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #122: Extragalactic Surveys Workshop announcement


 "Extragalactic Surveys" Workshop 

We are pleased to announce "Extragalactic Surveys", a workshop
sponsored by the Chandra X-ray Center. The workshop will be held

	      November 6-8, 2006 
	  in Cambridge, Massachusetts 
	  at the Harvard Faculty Club 

The Workshop webpage 
provides information and links for Registration/Abstract Submission.

The early Registration deadline is Aug 30

                 GOALS OF THE MEETING
    - to identify the most pressing science questions that
 arise from, or can be answered by extragalactic X-ray surveys 
    - to debate the most profitable and efficient
 strategies to answer those questions with today's facilities and tools
    - to identify the most pressing priorities for the future
    - to communicate and disseminate the results of ongoing X-ray
 surveys, their multiwavelength followup, analysis and modelling 
    - to provide a forum for discussion and debate between those
 conducting X-ray surveys and the broader astronomical community

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