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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #123: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #60

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_/            XMM-NEWTON NEWS #60   ---    25-August-2006         _/
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              ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
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        - Access to 2XMMp and associated products through XSAv3.5

Access to 2XMMp and associated products through XSAv3.5

As we approach the deadline for the sixth XMM-Newton Call for Proposals
(AO6), we draw the attention of users to the fact that XSA version 3.5
will be publicly available simultaneously with the opening of
the AO.  XSA version 3.5 will allow users to access 2XMMp, the second
and substantially improved release of the comprehensive catalogue of
serendipitous X-ray sources detected by the EPIC cameras on board XMM-

The 2XMMp browsing and result display functionalities in XSA version 3.5
closely resemble those already available in the XSA for the previous
version of the same catalogue, 1XMM. These are:

* querying of the catalogue content on a large set of general
 astronomical parameters: coordinates, source flux, total counts,
 hardness, detection likelihood, and quality, and the instrumental
 background level and vignetting correction.  These parameters may be
 queried in combination with each other or in combination with any
 parameter concerning observation details, exposures, proposals and
 the XMM-Newton orbit.

* visualisation of quick-look icons displaying the X-ray and optical
 field around each detected source, and quick-look spectra and light
 curves for each source with more than 500 (equivalent) pn counts

* retrieval of high-level scientific products associated with 2XMMp
 sources, such as images, spectra (together with the associated
 source-specific ancillary "*.arf" files) and light curves in FITS
 format, exposure maps, finding charts and graphical products

For more information on the content of 2XMMp, please refer to

and to the references therein.

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XMM-Newton SOC
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