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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #142: "The X-ray Universe 2008" first announcement

_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/           *  F I R S T   A N N O U N C E M E N T  *            _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                   "The X-ray Universe 2008"                    _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                         Granada, Spain                         _/
_/                         27-30 May 2008                         _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                        Organized by the                        _/
_/             European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)             _/
_/                             of the                             _/
_/                  European Space Agency (ESA)                   _/
_/                                                                _/
_/                                                                _/

The XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre is organising a major
astrophysical symposium from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th May 2008
in the city of Granada, Andalusia, Spain.



                 * AIMS AND SCOPE OF THE MEETING *

The symposium will be a successor to the "The X-ray Universe 2005"
meeting held in 2005 near Madrid which caught the interest of more
than 360 participants worldwide. The main focus of the conference
in 2008 will be on high energy astrophysics. The symposium will
provide a showcase for results and discoveries not only from
XMM-Newton, Chandra and Suzaku but also from other current missions.
The scientific potential of future projects like XEUS will be
discussed at the conference.

Session topics will include:

  * Stars, White Dwarfs & Solar System
  * White Dwarf & Neutron Star Binaries, CVs, ULXs & Black Holes
  * Supernovae, SNRs, Diffuse Emission & Isolated Neutron Stars
  * Galaxies & Galactic Surveys
  * Active Galactic Nuclei
  * Groups of Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies and Superclusters
  * Cosmology & Extragalactic Deep Fields
  * Future X-ray Missions



Xavier Barcons   (Chair)    IFCA (CSIC-UC) Santander, Spain
Norbert Schartel (co-Chair) XMM-Newton SOC, ESA
Steve Allen                 Stanford U., USA
Marc Audard                 ISDC/Geneva Observatory, Switzerland
Jean Ballet                 CEA Saclay, France
Thomas Boller               MPE Garching, Germany
Niel Brandt                 Penn State U., USA
Massimo Cappi               IASF Bologna, Italy
Diana Hannikainen           U. Helsinki, Finland
Margarida Hernanz           ICE(CSIC) & IEEC, Barcelona, Spain
Giorgio Matt                U. Roma Tre, Italy
Mariano Mendez              U. Groningen, The Netherlands
Kirpal Nandra               Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Arvind Parmar               ESTEC, ESA
Delphine Porquet            ULP Strasbourg, France
Gregor Rauw                 U. Liege, Belgium
Tim Roberts                 Durham U., United Kingdom
Sabine Schindler            U. Innsbruck, Austria
Axel Schwope                AI Potsdam, Germany
Yoshihiro Ueda              U. Kyoto, Japan
Jacco Vink                  U. Utrecht, The Netherlands

                  * LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE *
M. Ehle (Chair), M. Diaz-Trigo (co-Chair), B. Altieri, M. Arpizou,
R. Bailey, C. Gabriel, M.A. Guerrero (IAA-CSIC), A. Ibarra,
N. Loiseau, J. Masegosa (IAA-CSIC), J.R. Mu?oz, E. Ojero,
A.M.T. Pollock, M. Santos-Lleo, R. Saxton		


                        * IMPORTANT DATES *
                        (subject to changes)

   January 2008     Second announcement:
                    Start of registration & abstract submission
29 February 2008    Early registration deadline
07 March 2008       Abstract submission deadline
07 March 2008       Grants application deadline
early April 2008    Decision about grants & accepted presentations
early May 2008      Final announcement
27 May 2008, am     Conference starts
30 May 2008, pm     Conference ends


                        * CONFERENCE VENUE *
The conference will be held in the Granada Exhibition and Conference

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada

Granada is the capital city of the province of the same name,
located in southeastern Spain between the shores of the
Mediterranean and the Andalusian hinterland. The city is located
at the foot of Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range of the
Iberian peninsula. With more than a thousand years of recorded
history, Granada enjoys one of Spain's most important cultural and
architectural patrimonies. Besides the Alhambra, the world renowned
palaces and fortresses of the Nazar? dynasty, and the historical
Moorish Albaic?n quarter, both designated as Patrimony of Humanity
by the UNESCO, Granada boasts a Renaissance cathedral dating from
the 16th century and many other architectural monuments.

Granada is first and foremost a university city; its university
was originally founded by the Emperor Charles V in 1526. Currently
it has more than 60,000 students and its academic, cultural and
economic influence is clearly felt throughout the city.

Granada has been the home of astronomical activities since more
than one thousand years, now continued in the Instituto de
Astrof?sica de Andaluc?a (CSIC), the University of Granada and the
Institut de Radioastronomie Millim?trique, which encompass one of
the largest astronomical communities in Europe.


                            * CONTACT *

ESA Conference Bureau
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

Phone   +31 71 565 5005
Fax     +31 71 565 5658
E-mail  esa.conference.bureau@esa.int

Conference web page:

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