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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #143: AO-7 Results/Useful Information

1) AO-7 Results Released
2) AO-7 Budget Proposal Period
3) 2008 Senior Review
4) Local Bubble and Beyond II Conference
5) E-mail Exploder Change
6) Final Reports


1) *****  AO-7 Results Released

ESA has announced the results of the AO-7 proposal cycle
covering observations between 2008 May and 2009 May.  Lists
of accepted targets can be found at:


and sorted by proposal number:


and RA: 


2) *****  AO-7 Budget Proposals

The NASA XMM-Newton AO-7 Budget Proposal process will open in late January 
with proposals due in Early March.  Instructions
and fair-share estimates will be distributed in January.

3) *****  2008 Senior Review

NASA's participation in the ESA XMM-Newton project will be reviewed
next spring as part of the biannual Senior Review process.  We
strongly request and encourage the community to inform us of
interesting results as soon as possible for inclusion in our proposal
as the senior review will be very competitive.  The demonstration of
the derivation of significant new scientific results from US
participation in the project is critical to the continued funding of
the Guest Observer program.

4) *****  Local Bubble and Beyond II Conference

he US XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility is pleased to announce
the conference

"The Local Bubble and Beyond II"

to be held the week of 2008 April 21-24th in Philadelphia. As the name
suggests, this will be a successor to the "The Local Bubble and
Beyond" (LB&B) meeting held in 1997 near Munich. The substantial
increase in observational data about the Local Bubble in all wavebands
along with progress in theoretical models suggest that the time is
right for another meeting focused on Local Bubble issues.

Topics that will be covered at the meeting include:
* Observations of the Local ISM from Radio to Gamma Rays
* ISM models, local & global* Bubbles and Superbubbles
* Charge exchange in the lab, solar wind, and beyond
* Connecting the Local Bubble with:
  - the Heliosphere
  - the Sco-Cen Superbubble
  - the Galactic Halo
* Future Observations and Observatories
with a featured debate: The Local Bubble: Hot or Not?

More information can be found at http://lbb.gsfc.nasa.gov/

5) *****  E-mail Exploder Change

The U.S. XMM-Newton electronic newsletter (xmmnews); yes, the one that
your are reading right now; will be moving to a new listserv in early
2008. All working addresses will be migrated automatically, and
directions on how to update your address on the list, if needed, will
be sent at the time of migration.

If you use email filtering software, the emails will stop coming from 
xmmnews@bigbang.gsfc.nasa.gov, and will start coming from 
xmmnews@lists.nasa.gov. Each email will still have the "GSFC XMM-Newton GOF 
Status Report #" as the beginning of the subject line.

6) *****  Final Reports

This is a reminder that holders of XMM-Newton GO grants are obligated to 
submit final reports at the end of the grant period.  Instructions for 
doing so are contained in the grant package and at:


Please note that there is a standard form which must be used for the 
submission which can be found at the above web site.


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