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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #145: AO-7 Budget/Status Report

25 February 2008



1) AO-7 Call for Budget Proposals
2) AO-7 Stage II XRPS Submissions
3) Final Grant Reports
4) Please Alert the GOF to Significant XMM-Newton Results
5) Local Bubble and Beyond II Conference Reminder
6) E-mail Address Migration


1) *****  AO-7 Call for Budget Proposals

The NASA XMM-Newton Call for AO-7 Budget Proposals is now open
with a closing date of 14 March 2008.  Please see the information


This call also includes AO-6 C-target proposals where observations
have been scheduled.  GOs with such proposals should follow the
same instructions as above.  Please note that the proposal process
has changed somewhat from last time.

2) *****  AO-7 Stage II XRPS Submissions

Please note that for the XMM-Newton program, Stage II proposal
submission IS NOT the budget submission.  The ESA XMM-Newton SOC
uses "Stage II" to refer to the submission of further observation
details through XRPS to enable the scheduling of observations.
The period for completing submission of the Stage II information
is listed in the time allocation notification received by successful

3)  *****  Final Reports

This is a reminder that holders of XMM-Newton GO grants are obligated
to submit final reports at the end of the grant period.  Instructions
for doing so are contained in the grant package and at:


Please note that there is a standard form which must be used for the
submission which can be found at the above web site.

4)  *****  Please Alert the GOF to Significant XMM-Newton Results

Unlike other major astronomical facilities, the US XMM-Newton team
does not have a group whose primary mission is to extract exciting new
results from astro-ph and the published literature.  As a result we
must ask observers to alert us to any interesting new results.  NASA
has a team of public affairs officers who will help arrange appropriate
publicity, but they can only go to work once they know a result is
available.  Please remember that the American public strongly supports
astronomy in part because they enjoy seeing the fruit of our work!
Please contact us through the helpdesk:


This is very important again this year for our Senior Review
proposal.  The more spectacular the science coming out of XMM-Newton,
the more likely it is that we will be able to maintain our funding

5)  *****  Local Bubble and Beyond II Conference Reminder

The "The Local Bubble and Beyond II" conference will be held
the week of 2008 April 21-24th in Philadelphia. As the name
suggests, this will be a successor to the "The Local Bubble and Beyond" 
(LB&B) meeting held in 1997 near Munich. The substantial increase in 
observational data about the Local Bubble in all wavebands along with 
progress in theoretical models suggest that the time is right for another 
meeting focused on Local Bubble issues.

Topics that will be covered at the meeting include:
* Observations of the Local ISM from Radio to Gamma Rays
* ISM models, local & global* Bubbles and Superbubbles
* Charge exchange in the lab, solar wind, and beyond
* Connecting the Local Bubble with:
 - the Heliosphere
 - the Sco-Cen Superbubble
 - the Galactic Halo
* Future Observations and Observatories
with a featured debate: The Local Bubble: Hot or Not?

More information can be found at http://lbb.gsfc.nasa.gov/

6)  *****  E-mail Address Migration

After the end of the AO-7 budget cycle the U.S. XMM-Newton email
helpdesk will migrate to the new NASA list manager. The online
web-form will always work and the mail will be forwarded for some
time, but in April, it would be best to use the new address:


A service of the XMM-Newton GOF, NASA/GSFC

Please do not reply to this email.
Questions or comments should go to: