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#206: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #116

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_/           XMM-NEWTON NEWS #116    ---    01-Dec-2010           _/
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              ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
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- XMM-Newton AO-10 OTAC Results

XMM-Newton AO-10 OTAC Results

The list of XMM-Newton proposals  accepted by the AO-10 Observing Time
Allocation Committee (OTAC) and  the associated proposal abstracts are
available at


The Principal Investigators of  submitted proposals have been informed
by  e-mail about  the  results  of the  OTAC  evaluation.  The  e-mail
contains the  details about the  second phase proposal  submission for
successful observations, which must  be done via the XMM-Newton Remote
Proposal Submission System (XRPS). The  XRPS will be closed on the 4th
of February 2011 at 13:00 UT.

In AO-10 proposers were asked for  the third time to submit very large
programs  (VLPs).  Of  the  six  VLPs that  were  submitted, OTAC  has
accepted one with 3 Ms of observing time (proposals 067166, 067167 and
067169). In combination with  existing archival data, the program aims
at covering two areas of the sky  of 25 square degrees each with 10 ks
exposures, for cosmological studies.  This program will be carried out
over  AO-10 and  AO-11.  With  VLPs,  the XMM-Newton  project aims  to
establish  legacy-type data  sets with  the widest  scientific impact.
The whole interested  community is invited to explore  and analyse the
data and, consequently, by default no proprietary rights are allocated
to data resulting from VLPs.

AO-10 observations will start to be routinely performed in May 2011.

Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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