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GSFC XMM-Newton GOF Status Report #211: XMM-NEWTON NEWS #119

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_/           XMM-NEWTON NEWS #119    ---    01-Mar-2011           _/
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             XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre at
              ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre,
P.O. Box - Apdo. 78, 28691 Villanueva de la Canada, Madrid, Spain


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- Version 11.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

- SAS Inverse Index

- 11th XMM-Newton SAS Workshop

Version 11.0 of the Science Analysis System (SAS) released

The XMM-Newton  SAS team is pleased  to announce the release  of a new
version of the SAS: SAS 11.0.

Binaries for diverse flavours of  Linux (both in 32- and 64-bit native
versions), Solaris and MacOs are available at:


The main improvements of this release can be summarised as follows:

* A new EPIC-MOS redistribution.  While the detector response for EPIC
   MOS has been  so far calculated using a physical  model, it has been
   found  that   an  empirical  parametrisation   can  actually  better
   reproduce the spatially- and time-dependent redistribution.  The new
   algorithm  goes   together  with  a  new   set  of  EMOS[1-2]_REDIST
   calibration  files, and  therefore simultaneous  upgrade of  SAS and
   CCFs is required.

* ESAS, the  package integrated within  SAS for dedicated  analysis of
   EPIC observations of extended sources, has been largely upgraded. It
   is now validated for handling EPIC-pn data.

* The   new  task   "xmmextractor"  replaces   the   functionality  of
   "psechain", as  a highly configurable workflow  generator within SAS
   for  pipeline processing.

* "eexpmap",  the task  for EPIC  exposure map  calculation,  has been
    upgraded for much faster processing.

We have  produced for the first  time 64-bit SAS  versions for several
platforms.   This is  especially  important for  processing very  long
EPIC-pn  exposures of  bright  sources,  which so  far  could only  be
processed by  using "epsplitter". A  64-bit native version of  SAS for
MacOs will be released within  the next 3 months.  Virtual machines (a
32-bit  and a  64-bit version)  including SAS  11.0 to  be  used under
Linux, MacOs and Windows will be available shortly.

SAS 11.0 will be the last version of SAS produced for Solaris.

For further details on SAS 11.0 please visit the SAS Pages at:


SAS Inverse Index

The XMM-Newton SOC has released  an "Inverse SAS task Index" that will
help  users to  identify individual  SAS  tasks, or  groups of  tasks,
needed to be executed in  order to perform a given scientific analysis

The SAS  inverse index guides  users through different stages  of data
processing and analysis.  It is available in the  form of tables which
include several  interactive features to  simplify the access  to both
the individual  SAS tasks documentation and the  data analysis threads
with usage examples.

The SAS inverse index can be found at the following URL:


11th XMM-Newton SAS Workshop

The  11th  SAS Workshop  will  be held  at  the  ESA's European  Space
Astronomy  Centre (ESAC)  in  Villanueva de  la  Canada (near  Madrid,
Spain) between the 6th and the 10th of June 2011.

SAS  Workshops  aim  at   providing  XMM-Newton  users  with  a  basic
introduction to  the procedures and  techniques to reduce  and analyse
XMM-Newton data. The 5-day workshop is organised around 5 half-days of
presentations  and 5  half-days of  practical training  sessions.  The
sessions cover all aspects of data reduction and data analysis for the
X-ray instruments and the Optical Monitor on-board XMM-Newton.

Interested  persons  should  send  an  email  through  the  XMM-Newton
Helpdesk at:


not later than the 30th of April 2011.

Please specify in the subject line:

"Interest in participating in the 11th XMM-Newton SAS Workshop"

and provide the following information:

Name                   :
Organisation           :
Address                :
Country                :
Phone                  :
E-mail                 :
Main Research Field    :

Need means of transportation between pre-booked
accommodation at Madrid and Venue at ESAC ?               : YES/NO
Bring your own laptop ?                                   : YES/NO

No fee  is required to  attend the SAS  Workshop. We regret  to inform
that no financial support is available for Workshop participants.

More information is provided at the workshop website at:


Yours sincerely,

XMM-Newton SOC

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