NAVO and the Astronomy Community

NAVO is a member of US Virtual Observatory Alliance (USVOA), a US-wide open collaboration endorsed by the American Astronomical Society to expand and promote VO tools and services. The NAVO IVOA Liaison is a member of the USVOA Executive Committee, currently chaired by Dr. G. Fabbiano (SAO).

The USVOA was convened to represent the US in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA), the global effort to facilitate VO standards and goals, and whose membership is open only to national organizations. Seventeen countries are currently members of the IVOA. The NAVO IVOA Liaison is one of three US members of the IVOA Executive Committee, and his or her remit is to represent the interests of NAVO within the IVOA, and to sustain US leadership within the IVOA.

As one of the founding members of the IVOA in 2002, the US has always had a strong leadership role in the IVOA. This leadership role continues today: the US holds eight leadership positions within the various groups responsible for performing the technical work.