NuSTAR Calibration Files

This page contains a summary of the NuSTAR Calibration files which are currently in the Calibration Database (CALDB). For each instrument, each table links to the latest CALDB releases, from where individual files can be downloaded as well as the CALDB index file. The tables also link to the current CALDB tar files which users can install on their local machines. Note: The tar files for each of the instruments already include the NuSTAR common calibration products.
Instructions for installing the CALDB for NuSTAR or other missions are available from the CALDB Installation page. Note that the easiest way to access calibration data for NuSTAR or other HEASARC-supported missions is via remote access.

Caldb access for NuSTAR requires an updated version of the caldb.config file which is available at . Please replace your current $CALDBCONFIG file with this updated version.

Note: The initial release of the NuSTAR CALDB (CALDB version 20130509) will not work with nustardas version 1.3.0 (released with HEASoft 6.15) or later versions. If you are using nustardas v 1.3.0/HEASoft 6.15, please upgrade to the latest NuSTAR CALDB release.

  • History of NuSTAR CALDB releases

    Latest CALDB public release date: 20150316
    Latest CALDB release: FPM
    CALDB release date: 2015-03-20

    Focal Plane Module (FPM) Calibration Products

    Item Version Comments
    Current CalDB Release 20150316 See release notes
    Documentation 20150316
    Tar File 20150316 Released on 2015-03-20

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