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lmod, localmodel: load a package of local models

The lmod command (localmodel is an alias for this command) loads a user model package† Further details are given in Appendix C.† [Note:† This command is now also supported on Cygwin.]

Syntax:†††††††††† lmod† <name> [directory]

As for† initpackage, the <name> argument is the name of the model package being loaded, and the <directory> is the its location, defaulting to the setting of LOCAL_MODEL_DIRECTORY given in the userís Xspec.init

lmod performs the following tasks:

              loads the library corresponding to the package named <name>

              reads the model description file supplied by the initpackage command for the library

              adds the new model components to the list of models recognized by the model command.


Note that lmod requires that the user has write-access to <directory> (please see Appendix C for details).