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Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory Science Support Center

OSSE Internal Documentation

Documents for use generally by COSSC personnel but might also be of value for complex guest investigations are located here.
OSSE Data Pipelines
Information on how the OSSE data are processed from their arrival at the COSSC to installation in the archive. Some information available on the FITS format of the files as well. It can be viewed online or downloaded as PostScript.

IGORE Maintenance and Developement Guide
Information about the design philosophy and internal organization of the IGORE data analysis package. If you are so bold as to try porting IGORE to another platform, this document would be important. You may also download copies of the guide in PostScript.

IGORE Software Configuration / Development with CMS/MMS
IGORE software configuration management information. This document is available for download in PostScript. A Quick Guide is also available in PostScript.

If you have a question about CGRO, please contact us via the Feedback form.

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