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Past CGRO News

01/24/05 Digital (FITS) and graphical (JPEG) versions of the EGRET diffuse-emission maps presented in the ApJ paper "EGRET Diffuse Gamma Ray Maps Between 30 MeV and 10 GeV", A. N. Cillis and R. C. Hartman, ApJ Volume 621, March 2005 are available here:

These all-sky maps of diffuse gamma radiation in various energy ranges between 30 MeV and 10 GeV, are based on data collected by the EGRET instrument on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory. These data may be useful for observation planning and data analyses based on the forthcoming GLAST and AGILE missions.
04/04-06/01 GAMMA 2001 Symposium
02/05/01 View videos of CGRO's deorbit: Normal | Close Up
07/19/00 Cuddling Up in a Quilt of Gamma-ray Stars
07/19/00 Celebration honoring the Compton Observatory
06/05/00 Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Safely Returns to Earth
05/26/00 Compton Gamma Ray Observatory Re-entry Activities
05/08/00 CGRO Splash Down Information
05/08/00 New layout for COSSC website goes live.
03/24/00 CGRO mission to be deorbited on June 3rd due to failure of gyro #3.
03/08/00 FTOOLS for BATSE Occultation Data
02/25/00 FTOOLS for CGRO Updated 02/25/00)
02/24/00 Overview of CGRO Updated
02/10/00 Visual Browsing of the Third EGRET Catalog
01/31/00 COMPTEL Gamma-Ray Source Catalog
12/28/99 Cycle 9 Timeline Updated
12/15/99 Start and Stop TJDs for CGRO VPs Updated
11/19/99 Minutes of September Users' Committee Meeting
11/18/99 Cycle 9 Approved Program Abstracts
11/09/99 Cycle 8 Timeline Updated
10/22/99 Introduction to EGRET Data Products and Analysis Updated
10/06/99 Gamma-Ray Astronomy Brochures Page
10/06/99 CGRO Posters Page
10/06/99 CGRO Displays Page
10/06/99 BATSE Pulsar Spin Frequency Histories from DISCLA Data
09/30/99 Gamma-Ray Astronomy Image Gallery
09/10/99 CGRO/Swift/GLAST Display for Compton Symposium
08/24/99 CGRO's Greatest Hits Poster

Outreach "Latest Discoveries" Page

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