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EUVE: HEASARC and Other Archives

  • Direct access via ftp to the HEASARC EUVE holdings: the main science archive in the form of FITS-format events files is contained in the data/fits sub-directory, while the data files from the 6 CD-Roms that were issued by CEA are available in the data/euvecd sub-directory. Other data sub-directories contain All-Sky Survey, scan-mode, and engineering-mode data. Also, an image of the CEA ftp area as it was just prior to its closing in 2001 is available in the cea-ftp directory.

  • The EUVE Stellar Spectral Atlas" of Craig, N., Abbott, M., Finley, D., Jessop, H., Howell, S.B., Mathioudakis, M., Sommers, J., Vallerga, J.V., and Malina, R.F. which was published in 1997 in ApJS, vol. 113, pp. 131 et seq. They comprise FITS and PostScript versions of 95 bright stellar sources observed by EUVE, grouped by the type of source, together with some supporting material.

  • The recommended way to find the EUVE primary datasets is to Browse (Search) the HEASARC EUVE Archive and source catalogs. The following EUVE tables are available in Browse:
    1. The master catalog of the EUVE Spectrometer pointed datasets archive (EUVEMASTER): its entries have the data files associated with them
    2. The EUVE Right Angle Program, 2nd Catalog (EUVERAP2)
    3. The Second EUVE Source Catalog (EUVECAT2)
    4. The EUVE Bright Sources Catalog (EUVEBSL)
    5. The EUVE/(ROSAT) XRT All-Sky Catalog of Faint EUV Sources (EUVEXRTCAT)

  • The 4-filter EUVE All-Sky Survey maps are available via the HEASARC's Skyview utility.

  • In July 2 1998, a guide to the EUVE Science Archive Data Products was put together by the CEA staff. This document contains a summary description of the EUVE Science Archive pointed products. It is meant to be used as a supplement to the older EUVE Software Users' Guide and EUVE Data Products Guide. The new Science Archive Data Products Guide is available in both PDF format (129 Kb) and PostScript format (965 Kb).

  • The Multimission Archive at Space Telescope (MAST) has been designated as an alternative (to the HEASARC) EUVE Archive, with the prime responsibility of maintaining the existing IRAF-based analysis software and acting as an interface for optical and ultraviolet astronomers. Information on the EUVE mission, instruments, operation and data reduction and analysis techniques is available at their website, which contains much of the material that was available at the Center for Extreme-ultraviolet Astrophysics website (CEA) before it closed in 2001.

  • The National Space Sciences Data Center (NSSDC) has been designated as the `deep' archive that will service requests for large amounts (Gigabytes or more) of EUVE Science Archive data and for some or all of the raw telemetry (Level 0) data.

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