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HETE-2 Archive

The HETE-2 Archive

Opening Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2002

The HETE-2 archive consists of all HETE2 data for which proprietary data rights have expired, which occurs one year after the data have been obtained. The archive is housed at the HEASARC and data are available for download via ftp from

Accessing the HETE2 data tables from BROWSE

Available Data Products

The following HETE2 data products are available:
Data Type Data Format Location Organization Sample File
HETE2 Raw Telemetry Inter-Process Protocol (IPP) Archive
Directories organized by date of observation
HETE2/FREGATE GRB Lightcurves in 4 bandpasses FITS GRBS/lightcurves
Files organized by date of observation and are located in the GRBS/lightcurves directory

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Last modified 2003-02-07