Oct 30 2017 : Hitomi Archive opens

Hitomi launched in 2016 February and contact was lost in March. During approximately 35 days of operations, Hitomi observed six astronomical objects and made several blank sky observations. Despite the short-lived mission, the extraordinary power of the high resolution spectrometer was demonstrated by the groundbreaking Perseus Cluster spectra.

These observations were taken during commissioning phase and not all the instruments were operating in all observervations. The data are divided into 42 sequences and the archive is populated with the outputs of the pipeline processing that occured in May 2017 and September 2017 for the last 6 sequences.

All these observations are part of the Hitomi public archives at HEASARC and DARTS.

The Hitomi archive contains all the information, data, software and calibration information necessary for the analysis of the Hitomi data. The data were processed with the final software and calibration and the archive contains both unfiltered and filtered data for all instruments with quick look images, lightcurves and spectra only for those observations with celestial objects.

The Hitomi analysis software is distributed with HEAsoft , the calibration data with CALDB and users guides for the data analysis are accessible from the Hitomi webpages.

For any questions or help with the data, users may contact the Science Data Center at: hitomihelp@bigbang.gsfc.nasa.gov