Hitomi Data Analysis

This page contains links to documents and information on the Hitomi software necessary to calibrate and analyse the Hitomi data. The Hitomi software package version 6 , was included with HEAsoft starting from version 6.22 and it uses the calibration version 8 distributed with CALDB.

If you need help, please send your queries to: hitomihelp@bigbang.gsfc.nasa.gov

Documents Release Date Description
Data Reduction Guide Dec 2017 small update Aug 2022 General description of the software, pipeline , data and instrument by instrument analyses
Step-by-Step Guide Jun 2019 This document contains the step by step command to reprocess or derive products. The commands are based on the data processed with version
Individual task help Dec 2017 The document contains the help of individual tasks in the Hitomi software package. The same information is avaialble by typing "fhelp taskname" after the software has been installed or by looking at the Hitomi help webpage

  • Frequently asked questions compiled from questions received to the hitomihelp@bigbang.gsfc.nasa.gov during verification phase