Hitomi V006 released Apr 25 , 2017

List of Changes


  Major changes introduced in this version:


    - barycen
      * Behavior change:  Reports error from getPar function using C printf
        rather than writing output to log, which is not yet initialized at that point.

    - xrtraytrace
      * Bug-fix:  Fixed memory leaks to address segfault that occurred only
        for the option source=PHOTONLIST, under Mac OSX with Xcode 8.3.

  * Mission Tasks

    - aharfgen
      * Behavior change:  Processing of heasim photon list now uses
        ftools rather than Perl code.

      * Bug-fix:  For sourcetype=IMAGE, corrected a formula involved in converting
        simulated event coordinates to RA and Dec.  The error was affecting the
        effective area of off-axis positions at high Declination.  Only
        IMAGE mode was affected.

    - ahgainfit
      * Bug-fix: Error bands for 'width' and 'shift' computed using the criterion 
        delta chi^2 = 1 were erroneous for cases with poor fits.  Fixed by adding
        a subscript bounds check to loops that search arrays of chi^2 values.

    - ahnxbgen
      * Behavior change:  Intermediate file extractspback.pha is now deleted if CLEANUP=YES.

    - ahsxtarfgen
      * Behavior change:  PSF fraction computation corrected.

  * HXI/SGD Applications

    - hxievtid
      * Behavior change: Now stores correct value of TLMAX for FOCX, FOCY, X, and Y coordinate columns
        (Note: these values were always correct in any case after running task coordevt.)

  * SXS Applications

    - sxsbranch
      * Behavior changed: Crosstalk event counting for flight data files corrected.
      * Behavior changed: Now outputs branching ratio per pixel rather than exposure time per pixel.
      * New parameter:  TSTART.  
      * Deleted parameters:  RTMAX and DMMIN.

    - sxsextend
      * Bug-fox:  Now uses EPIPER and EPI2PER columns for input instead of EPI/EPI2 when running in 
        fast mode on a sequence requiring the Perseus correction.

  * Libraries
    - ahfits
      * Behavior change: Default TUNIT, TLMIN, etc. keyword comments have been
        changed to match the Astro-H SCT FITS document standards.
      * Behavior change: In writeKeyVal* functions, if an empty string is given as the comment, 
        the existing comment is now retained.  This change prevents accidental deletion
        of the comment field of NAXIS2 when the number of rows in a binary table is
      * Behavior change: Added comment argument to the set functions for TNULL, TDISP, etc.
      * Behavior change: Keywords set by writeImage() now have comments.