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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

US ROSAT Public Data Archive Update

--M. F. Corcoran


Typically, releases of public US data are occurring on schedule. As of January 1994, all US data with public release dates through the end of January 1994 (979 datasets) were released to the archive and available from NDADS. After the initial startup delay, ingest of the public data released by MPE is proceeding smoothly. Ingest of data produced by MPE into the US archive generally occurs as soon as the data tapes are received from MPE. However, delays in receiving data tapes from MPE generally result in about a monthÕs delay in the ingest of the MPE data in the US archive. MPE has experienced similar delays receiving US data tapes, so this delay is a problem on both sides of the Atlantic. As of this writing, all MPE data with public release dates through the end of December 1993 (1429 datasets) have been released to the US archive. By time of publication, we expect that all MPE data public through then end of February 1994 will have entered the US archive.

NOTE TO USERS of MPE-PROCESSED HRI DATA: We wish to point out that HRI FITS-formatted datasets produced by MPE have filenames ending in .mt (rather than .tfits, which is used for the PSPC data produced by MPE). Note that previous versions of the user guide archive_intro.txt, which is available from the anonymous ftp account, incorrectly indicated that the MPE HRI datasets used the .tfits extensions. The statement has been corrected in the recent version of the archive userÕs guide.


The first volume of public ROSAT images on CDROM was distributed at the January 1994 meeting of the AAS. Volume 1 is a 2-CDROM set consisting of ROSAT broad-band PSPC and HRI FITS images that originally were released to the public in the interval between January and June of 1993. Also included on the CDROM are exposure maps (compressed with the UNIX compress utility to save space), as well as GIF versions of all the included images, and documentation describing the included data. Additional public ROSAT images will be included in future CDROM releases. In addition, other ROSAT data products also will be released on CDROM. Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, ROSAT: The Images (Volume 1) can be requested from Karen Smale ( on a first-come first-served basis.

Anonymous ftp Account on

Users of the anonymous ftp account may have noticed some changes in the past few months. In particular, a new directory (processed_data) has been added to the HRI and PSPC public data areas that eventually will contain all public ROSAT data. This addition means that once these data areas are fully populated, users can download ROSAT public data directly from these directories via anonymous ftp. This change also will allow BROWSE users to extract information from data files in addition to the blocked images that are currently on-line.

The directory trees for ROSAT archived data are now as follows:

Publicly available archived data products for PSPC. This directory contains the following sub directories:
  • /images - images in FITS (/fits) or POSTSCRIPT (/ps) format
  • /processed_data - public ROSAT datasets by sequence id (after March 1994)

Publicly available archived data products for HRI. This directory contains the following sub directories:
  • /images - images in FITS (/fits) or POSTSCRIPT (/ps) format
  • /processed_data - public ROSAT datasets by sequence id (after March 1994)

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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