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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
ROSAT Archive Update, by Mike Corcoran

I. Release of REV2 data

We have begun release of REV2 data to the archive. Archive users should note the following:

1) REV2 data is in Rationalized Data File (RDF) format. Users who have received REV2 PI data should be familiar with the RDF format. The RDF user's guide can be obtained from the anonymous ftp account. Download the file rosat/doc/data_prod_guide/ for more information.

2) REV2 data use a slightly different naming convention from REV0 or REV1 data. Since the data produced at all the processing sites uses the same format, all REV2 dataset names begin with the letter "r". Names beginning with the letter "w" are no longer used.

3) Some of the REV2 releases are reprocessed versions of data previously released to the archive in REV0 or REV1 format. Reprocessed data will supercede previous (REV0 or REV1) versions, which means that the REV0 or REV1 version will no longer be easily accessible from the archive. The replacement scheme is the following:

PSPC Data:

REV2 sequence id of form replaces REV0 or REV1 sequences of form

rp123456n00 <s>p123456


where <s> = r or w

rp123456a00 <s>p123456


where <s> = r or w

rp123456aNN (NN=01,02...) <s>p123456aNN

rp123456mNN (NN=01,02...) <s>p123456mNN

HRI Data:

REV2 sequence id of form replaces REV0 or REV1 sequences of form

rh123456n00 <s>h123456


where <s> = r or w

rh123456a00 <s>h123456


where <s> = r or w

rh123456aNN (NN=01,02...) <s>h123456aNN

rh123456mNN (NN=01,02...) <s>h123456mNN


Data screening for the ROSAT RESULTS ARCHIVE (RRA) has begun at the 5 screening centers (GSFC, SAO, MPE, AIP & Leicester). More than 500 sequences have been currently screened. The screened source list will be released shortly as downloadable text files and as a data table which can be searched using the HEASARC BROWSE facility. The screened source lists will also be available from the archive as RDF source files for each archived dataset.

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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