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The following is a list of ROSAT publications that were given to us by the staff at MPE. If your paper is not listed in this list (or in the lists in previous issues of the ROSAT Newsletter), please fax, e-mail or post your reference to Mary Odell for inclusion in the next issue of the ROSAT Newsletter.

Alcala, J.M., Covino, E., Franchini, M., Krautter, J., Terranegra, L., Wichmann, R., 1993. "T Chamaeleontis: A "Weak-Line" YY Orionis Star?" Astron.Astrophys., 272, 225.

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Willacy, K., Pedlar, A., Berry, D., 1993. "Neutral Hydrogen Observations of a ROSAT Deep Survey Field at RA 10h 07m, Dec 53 degrees," MNRAS, 261, 165.

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