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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

U.S. ROSAT Archive "Cheat Sheet"

Lists of Archived Datasets

a) Use anonymous ftp from ( Change directory to rosat/doc/archive and download the following ASCII text lists:
HRI public data sorted by date
HRI public data sorted by sequence number
HRI public data sorted by position
PSPC public data sorted by date
PSPC public data sorted by sequence number
PSPC public data sorted by position

b) Use the HEASARC BROWSE interface. To do this take the following steps:

THIS INFO IS NO LONGER VALID - use the Web interface

  • telnet to
  • login: xray
  • at the HEASARC> prompt, type BROWSE ROSPUBLIC
  • type DSAM (to display all the entries in ROSPUBLIC) or SC to perform a cone search on the data; other searches are possible also (use SPAR to search by parameter, LPAR to list available parameters)
  • data in the archive has Pub equal to YE

c) Use the MIPS interface. To use this interface, do the following:

  • telnet to ( or SET HOST ROSAT
  • move to MISSIONINFO menu
  • move to DistribList
  • Use ConeSearch to search by position; other searches are possible

Requesting data from NDADS using ARMS

  • Send e-mail to NDADSA::ARCHIVES or
    • subject: request rosat all
    • Body of e-mail: sequence id of data (eg. rp800022 for US PSPC data sequence 800022, rf200069 for US filtered PSPC sequence 200069, rh141811 for US HRI sequence 141841, wp300057 for MPE PSPC data sequence 300057, wf200821 for MPE filtered PSPC sequence 200821, wh600092 for MPE HRI sequence 600092)
    • Send mail
  • ARMS will download the data to ANON_DIR:[DATA_DIST.ROSAT] on NDADSA and will send you an e-mail after the download is done. It typically takes 10-15 minutes for ARMS to download the data.
  • Use anonymous ftp: connect to ( and cd to anon_dir:[data_dist.rosat] and get the data (set file type to binary for the FITS format files).

For more information:

a) Use anonymous ftp: connect to, cd to rosat/doc/archive and download archive_intro.txt (text version) or (postscript version).

b) Report problems or questions via e-mail to Dr. Mike Corcoran HEASRC::CORCORAN or