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Access to the catalogs and astronomical archives of the HEASARC

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HEASARC Data Access

  • New Xamin Interfaces
  • Xamin Web InterfaceIntro   
    Our new faster and more powerful access to HEASARC data
    Xamin Batch InterfaceDownload   
    Use Xamin from the command line on your machine
  • Traditional Browse Interfaces   Tips Archive
  • Browse Mission Interface  
    Our traditional full-featured interface
    Browse Keyword Search
    Search-Engine-like query using keywords
    Browse Table Index
    List of all tables in the HEASARC database: if we don't have the one you want, ask us to add it
    Browse Correlation
    Cross-correlation of full tables
    Browse Notification Service
    Get notified when new data is available in the archive
    Browse Batch InterfaceDownload  
    Perl scripts (by default these now query Xamin database)

  • CMB Data
  • CMB Missions and Projects
    Data from space-bourne and suborbital CMB experiments in LAMBDA
  • Specialized forms
  • KML Browse Interface
    Map Browse sources in Google Sky and other KML services
    Chandra FOV Search
    (Currently unavailable due to updates)
    Search for targets within the active fields of view
    Argus Observation Monitor
    Search Browse proposal information for observation details and status
    Swift Data Query
    Search bursts and observations of the Swift mission

  • Direct Access to HEASARC archive directories
  • HTTP or FTP

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    Other Resources

    • SkyView - An easy-to-use tool that returns digital images of the sky in any waveband from radio through to gamma rays
    • VAO DataScope - Query catalogs and services from the HEASARC and from around the world using a single form
    • Literature - Links to literature search engines and online versions of refereed journals and science magazines

    Archive Information

    Latest News

  • Updated Million Quasars Catalog (v5.4) (19 Oct 2019)
    The latest version (v5.4, 17 October 2018) of the Million Quasars (MILLIQUAS) Catalog (Eric Flesch 2009 - 2018) containing a lot more than one million (1,982,686 to be exact) likely quasars is now available in both Browse and in Xamin.
  • Chandra White Paper Deadline Extension (16 Oct 2018)
    Call for White Papers for Chandra Cool Attitude Targets (CATs): deadline has been extended to 6 PM EDT Monday 22 October, 2018.
  • Call for Proposals: NICER Guest Observer Program (16 Oct 2018)
    The ROSES Amendment for Cycle 1 of the NICER Guest Observer program has been released. Principal Investigators (PIs) for phase 1 proposals may submit their requested observations and corresponding scientific justification via the ARK/RPS portal. Deadline is 4:30 EST on December 20, 2018..
  • v3.4.2: SIA bug accessing Swift fixed (11 Oct 2018)
    There had been a problem accessing Swift UVOT and XRT data through the Simple Image Access (SIA) service. These data are stored in HIPS format, and this bug affected only those. It should now be fixed. Note that this did ... Continue reading ...
  • AstroSat Data is now public (28 Sep 2018)
    AstroSat data was opened to public on September 26, 2018. Around 25% of the AstroSat (around 1TB) data from the four payloads, UVIT, SXT, LAXPC and CZT is available for download from the Indian Space Science Data Centre . This data provide an exciting opportunity in understanding the cosmos from UV to X-rays through out the world.
  • MAXI CALDB installed at the HEASARC (25 Sep 2018)
    The 20180912 version of the MAXI CALDB is now installed and available at the HEASARC. This is the first official release of the MAXI Calibration Database. MAXI CALDB Users will need to update their $CALDBCONFIG to the latest version (caldb.config.20180925)
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