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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
Two X-ray images of Eta Carina

Greyscale HST image of Eta Carina

"High-resolution X-ray images of Eta Carinae from 1992 (left) and 1994 (right). X-rays are emitted from hot gas in an oval shell around Eta Carinae. A bright source of high-energy X-rays at the center of the shell is apparent in the 1994 image but not in the 1992 image. The inset shows a picture of Eta Carinae and the homunculus from the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. Eta Carinae appears as a dark spot at the center of the HST image, and the homunculus as an oval-shaped nebula around the star. The boxes in the X-ray images show the location and scale of the HST image. The bright source to the top of each X-ray image is an X-ray emitting massive star close to Eta Carinae. This material was presented to the American Astronomical Society meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on June 13, 1995." PHOTO CREDIT: M.F. Corcoran, ROSAT Guest Observer Facility.

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