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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
Documentation Update, by Dan Harris and Steve Snowden

The HRI Report

The HRI Report has been extensively revised and updated in a 1996 February revision. A hard copy is included in the ROSAT AO-7 call for proposals and it can be found on line through both the CfA and GSFC ROSAT sites. The report is intended to provide all information required for the use of the HRI and generally supersedes the information in the old Appendix F. The revised guide can be found through anonymous ftp at:

CfA: directory: pub/rosat/docs
GSFC: directory: rosat/doc/hri/hri_report

or on the WWW at:


In addition, the revised report has replaced the previous one in the ROSAT User's Handbook available on-line.

The ROSAT User's Handbook

The ROSAT User's Handbook (RUH) was released in 1994 October. It is available through the ROSAT anonymous ftp account on in the directory /rosat/doc/users_handbook and on the WWW at The handbook is intended to provide both a general introduction and overview of the ROSAT mission as well as detailed information about the scientific instruments and their operation. A few sections of the RUH remain incomplete and will be added later.

The ROSAT Data Products Guide

The ROSAT Data Products Guide has been updated to reflect Rev2 RDF data sets. It is available through the ROSAT anonymous ftp account on in the directory /rosat/doc/data_prod_guide.

Appendix F

The old Appendix F of previous AOs is now available through the ROSAT anonymous ftp account on legacy in the directory /rosat/doc/appendix_f. Due to the large number of figures, the size of the document is approximately 10 Mbyte.

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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