The HEASARC is hiring! - Applications are now being accepted for a scientist with significant experience and interest in the technical aspects of astrophysics research, to work in the HEASARC at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Greenbelt, MD. Refer to the AAS Job register for full details.

ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
The ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

A more complete description of the facilities available at the ROSAT Guest Observer Facility (GOF) is available in previous issues of the ROSAT Newsletter. Use of the GOF should be pre-booked to assure an available workstation. Walk-ins are accommodated as long as the GOF is not completely full.

To book the GOF, contact:

Michael Arida

Code 664


Greenbelt, MD 20771


Phone: (301) 286-2291

Fax: 301-286-1684

Remote Users:


A remote help desk will provide help with software distribution and installation, problems with pipeline output, advice on data analysis problems and bug reports. This help desk is accessed via the Feedback form.


Remote users are fully supported, with Dan Harris as coordinator for ROSAT user activities at CfA. Questions about data or analysis, or remote user problems with the "PROS" software should be directed to

RSDC and GOF Staff At GSFC

Rob Petre - Project Scientist Phone: (301) 286-3844


Steve Snowden - Duty Scientist Phone: (301) 286-8100


Rich Pisarski - U.S. ROSAT Science Data Phone: (301) 286-9392

Center Manager. Directs data processing, E-mail:

archiving, and distribution of data.

Jane Turner - General observer support; Phone: (301) 286-5190

ROSAT bulletins. E-mail:

Mike Corcoran - General observer support; Phone: (301) 286-5576

Data archive. E-mail:

Pat Tyler - Database support including Phone: (301) 286-3566

observation log. E-mail:

Margo Duesterhaus - Proposal Manager Phone: (301) 286-3569


Michael Arida - Observer support; Phone: (301) 286-2291

anonymous ftp area. E-mail:

Minhthuyen Nguyen - Grant and contract Phone: (301) 286-1512

administration. E-mail:

Banashree Seifert - Ftool support. Phone: (301) 286-5307


Stephan Fantasia - Observer support; Phone: (301) 286-4944

proposal support. E-mail:

Sumant Krishnaswamy - SASS processing Phone: (301) 286-9172


Kenton Adams - System Administration, Phone: (301) 286-4868

programming support E-mail:

Michael Black - SASS Data processing & Phone: (301) 286-9523

tape backups E-mail:

Jeff Mullins - General programming support, Phone: (301) 286-9152

Database administration E-mail:

Diana Taggart - Lead SASS data processor Phone: (301) 286-0825


Maia Good - SASS software and data base Phone: (301) 286-5042

support E-mail:

Angela Panizari - SASS processing and data Phone: (301) 286-2381

distribution E-mail:


Judy Chen - HOPR & PROS Programmer, Phone: (617) 495-7133

hotseat. E-mail:

Dan Harris - ROSAT Results Archive, hotseat. Phone: (617) 495-7148


John Silverman - Hotseat, UV cal, V&V Phone: (617) 496-7716

Rosat Results Archive. E-mail:

Saeqa Vrtilek - ROSAT Results Archive, Phone: (617) 495-7094

hotseat. E-mail:

Belinda Wilkes - Hotseat. Phone: (617) 495-7268


Newsletter Select another edition of the ROSAT Newsletter

ROSAT Return to the ROSAT GOF

Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

Please use the Feedback link if you have questions on ROSAT.

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