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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
HRI Report, by Dan Harris


1) The HRI Hotspot report (see separate article)

2) A revised version of the HRI Calibration Report is available and a hardcopy will be distributed in the next AO:

    ftp to sao-ftp.harvard.ed, and cd to pub/rosat/docs, or
    ftp to, and cd to /rosat/doc/hri/hri_report

3) Versions of the HRI quantum efficiency map and the gain maps at 8"/pixel are available at sao-ftp (see above), subdir pub/rosat/calfiles.

4) Hotseat for PROS questions continues to be actively used. A PROS release occurred last fall. We have also ported PROS to a DEC ALPHA with help from remote sites. The PROS USERS GUIDE (PUG) was revised for the latest PROS release:

5) The ROSAT RESULTS ARCHIVE (RRA) (see separate article) project (with MPE, Leicester, Potsdam, and GSFC) is in progress. Visual inspection of SASS results for source and field parameters is the primary activity.

6) Changes to the SASS HRI code ("HOPR") are being made for the migration of SASS to DEC ALPHAs (see separate article).

7) Validation & Verification (VV) of SASS results continues.

8) HINTS & POINTERS, the PROS electronic newsletter, is distributed as the need arises.

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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