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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

More ROSAT Information Available Through the HEASARC On-line Service

The following 13 HEASARC databases containing ROSAT information were described in previous ROSAT Newsletters:

ROSAT accepted AO proposals

ROSAT AO3 schedule (1st half)

ROSAT Log of Observations

ROSAT Simbad Identifications

ROSAT long term timeline

ROSAT observations status

ROSAT Observations Status

ROSAT Distributed REV0 data

ROSAT short-term timeline

ROSAT AO1 long-term timeline

ROSAT HRI Public REV0 data

ROSAT PSPC Public REV0 data

ROSAT WFC Bright Source Cat.

A new database has been added since the last ROSAT Newsletter:

ROSAT PSPC Public REV0 data

The ROSGPSPC Database

The ROSGPSPC database contains the list of German ROSAT PSPC observations for which REV0 data are publicly available. The database is updated weekly, or as new data sets are released for public use and are ingested into the archive.

(ROSGPSPC also includes a list of all data that have been distributed to the PI and are not yet public; to see this information, switch to the TOTAL sample with the BROWSE command csam total.)

For each observation listed in ROSGPSPC, the target name and coordinates are given, as well as the ROSAT observation request number (ROR), the actual and requested exposure times, the date the observation took place, the date that data were distributed to the PI, the date that data will become public, and more.

Like all of the HEASARC databases, ROSGPSPC is accessed through a command-driven program called BROWSE. BROWSE uses a database management system to select data from database tables and execute analysis tasks on those data. Users can sort, search, display and plot database entries, and also can cross-correlate those entries with entries in other databases.

To "browse" a database in the HEASARC On-line Service, simply type:

HEASARC> browse xxxxx

where xxxxx is the database name.


To log onto the Service, set host legacy or telnet The username is XRAY and there is no password. To display information about BROWSE commands, type help at the BROWSE prompt. Typing the command dbhelp will display information about the contents and features of the current database. Questions, comments, and requests for HEASARC user's guides can be sent to NDADSA::REQUEST (or More complete information can also be obtained from previous issues of the ROSAT Newsletter and from the HEASARC journal, Legacy.

The Documents Database

The following documents contain information about ROSAT (the spacecraft, the mission, the data analysis system, etc.). These documents, and others listed in the HEASARC On-line Service DOCUMENTS database, can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to When requesting documents, please list the complete title of the document and your full name and mailing address.

Available Documents:

  • ROSAT Mission Description
  • ROSAT Mission Description - Addendum
  • PROS: A Description of the ROSAT Data Analysis System
  • ROSAT - PROS User's Guide
  • Instructions for the off-line analysis of X-ray data within IRAF
  • ROSAT - Mission Information and Planning System (MIPS) User's Guide
  • The ROSAT Data Products Guide
  • ROSAT Newsletters (1-9)
  • ROSAT PSPC On-Axis Point-Spread Function: In-flight comparison with the PANTER results
  • ROSAT Guest Observer Facility Users Guide

The HEASARC On-line Service contains further, more up-to-date, information about these documents and other non-ROSAT-specific documents. The DOCUMENTS database is updated when new documents arrive at the GSFC Office of Guest Investigator Programs (OGIP). Please consult the database for the titles of the latest versions of documents available.

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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