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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility
Trend Data Announcement

A new data set is now available for diagnostic purposes. With Rev2 processing and reprocessing, "trend" data files are produced which contain satellite orbit and geometric information as well as scientific instrument status and diagnostic data including count rates. The sample interval for the data is 60 seconds and one file is produced for each ROSAT day. (A ROSAT day is defined by the ground-station contact cycle and is roughly 24 hours.) The Trend data files are in FITS format and can be found on the legacy.gsfc.nasa. gov anonymous ftp account in /rosat/data/hri/trend and /rosat/data/pspc/trend for HRI and PSPC data, respectively. The file name includes the start day and time of the data as Xyymmddhh_trend.fits, where X is "h" for HRI data and "p" is for PSPC data. The directory /rosat/doc/trend contains documentation for the Trend data.

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