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ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

XSELECT and FTOOLS for ROSAT Data Analysis

It is possible to analyze your ROSAT data using the XSELECT and FTOOLS software. This software reads the FITS events files directly, and writes out FITS data products directly (spectra, images, etc.), allowing a quick, clean, and easily transportable approach to data analysis.

The most recent release versions of FTOOLS and XSELECT are available via the anonymous FTP site in a subdirectory of the directory /software/ftools/release, and is available on the following platforms

       unix	ALPHA/OSF, DEC/ULTRIX, SUN/SunOS, Sun/Solaris,
       vms 	ALPHA/VMS, VAX/VMS

You will need to get the files:

       ftools.vx.x.tar.Z    	-  Source Code Distribution for all platforms
       refdata.vx.x.tar.Z  	-  Minimal subset of Calibration Database

where vx.x is a version number.

The Compressed Postscript Documentation is available at /software/ftools/release/doc and includes		-  Developer's Guide		-  Installation Guide 		-  User's Guide 		-  Complete User's Guide and help pages 	-  

A ROSAT Users Guide to data analysis using XSELECT and FTOOLS is available in postscript and LaTeX form from the anonymous FTP area under /rosat/doc/xselect_guide and via the www at docs/rosat/ros_xselect_guide/xselect.html

The ROSAT FTOOLS page on the World Wide Web describes the latest FTOOLS and perl scripts, the URL is

The current ROSAT package ftools are:

abc - Apply Barycentric Corrections to ROSAT event data. bct - Produce a Barycenter Correction Table from ROSAT orbit data hriaspcor - Use Morse's method to correct aspect errors hriexpmap - Creates exposure map for given ROSAT HRI observational dataset hrirpsf - Calculates theoretical HRI PSF expmap - Creates exposure map for ROSAT PSPC observation pcrpsf - Calculates a theoretical radial PSF for the ROSAT PSPC img2us - Converts from German Image file format to US RFITS format pcarf - Generates a ROSAT PSPC ARF for an input PHA file pcparpha - Generates a background PHA spectrum for ROSAT PSPC gevt2rdf - Converts a German _events dataset to RDF _basformat hrifilt - Creates a ROSAT HRI makefilter file mkqsrc - Adds extra fields for quality screening to ROSAT source file pcfilt - Creates a ROSAT PSPC makefilter file src2pha - Creates a PHA file from specified extensions in an RDF src file

ROSAT perl scripts:

          mk_allevt	- Combines accepted and rejected events into one table.
       fix_rev0_pha	- This is a temporary script for fixing up PHA files 
			  made from Rev0 data using the current extractor.
             extpha	- Extracts some or all of the extensions from a _src 
			  file and makes individual PHA files out of them.
             hiback	- Script to create a qsrc file from a src file. Writes
 		 	  high background value. 
            rosbary	- Runs abc and bct Rosat ftools.
Useful 'general' tools include:

             farith	- Perform arithmetic on 2 FITS images
              fdump	- Dump contents of a FITS table to an ASCII file
              fhelp	- Display help pages for an FTOOL task
          fkeyprint	- Display keyword(s) in FITS header(s)
              flcol	- List column information in a FITS table extension
              fplot	- Plot columns in a FITS file using QDP/PLT package
         fstatistic	- Calculate mean, standard deviation, min, and max for 
			  a column
            fstruct	- List a description of the structure of a FITS file
              plist	- List parameters from task parameter files
               pset	- Set one or more parameters in task parameter file
           punlearn	- Get a copy of the system parameter file (reset task 

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Curator: Michael Arida (ADNET);
HEASARC Guest Observer Facility

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