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U.S. Revision 0 sequence names

The following naming conventions apply to all data processed by the U.S. RSDC using SASS versions 3_0 through 5_9 (Rev0) and distributed in the U.S. FITS format. During Rev0, all available OBIs were used to produce a single set of data products, regardless of whether or not they occurred in different "observing seasons."

Rev0 file names are of the following form:



r - stands for ROSAT
<detector-code> - code for detector/filter:
  • h - HRI
  • p - PSPC
  • f - Filtered PSPC.
<ROR> - the 6-digit Rosat Observation Request number
<extensions> - additional characters specifying the "type" of data.


The photon event files produced by IRAF/PROS from Rev0 data products might be as follows:

rp123456.qp - PSPC observations (.qp is the IRAF qpoe extension)
rp234567f.qp - PSPC Filter observations
rh345678.qp - HRI observations

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