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U.S. Revision 1 Sequence Names

The following naming conventions apply to all data processed by the U.S. RSDC using the SASS versions 6_0 and greater (Rev1) and distributed in the U.S. FITS format (i.e., data products produced after January 27, 1993.)

During Rev1 processing, observations conducted over different "observing seasons" (i.e., over gaps of several months) are no longer combined to form a single data set. Additional observations, known as "add-ons", are processed separately. The sequence-naming convention for Rev1 (U.S. FITS) file names is as follows:


where the two additional digits added after the ROR number are:

  • 00 indicates the first segment,
  • 01 indicates the second segment,
  • 02 indicates the third segment, and so on.

For explanations of r, detector code, and extensions, see the sequence naming conventions for Revision 0.


For example, Rev1 IRAF/PROS qpoe file names might be as follows:

rp12345600.qp - PSPC observations
rf23456700.qp - PSPC filtered observations
rh34567800.qp - HRI observations

For information about the sequence naming conventions of other Revisions, select one of the following:

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