ROSAT Guest Observer Facility

Installation guide for HRI Visual Inspection Software

Current version: hvi2.5.8

Mike Corcoran, Code 660.2 GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771
Log of Software changes

ROSAT HRI RRA software FTP site

The IDL package of programs needed to run the latest version of the HRI Visual Inspection Software (HVI2) is available as a gzipped tar file rosat/data/qsrc/software/hvi2.5.8.tar.gz on

The IDL software was partly constructed (and verified) on an ALPHA running OSF and on a PowerPC Macintosh clone running IDL 4.0.1. Other UNIX platforms should work transparently.

How to Obtain and Install the IDL software:

  • create an idl_vi directory
    % mkdir idl_vi
  • define IDL_VI as the directory idl_vi (for example if idl_vi is in $HOME/rra/idl/idl_vi then
    % setenv IDL_VI $HOME/rra/idl/idl_vi
  • Define IDL_STARTUP as
    % setenv IDL_STARTUP $IDL_VI/hvi2.5.8/startup/startup
  • ftp the data files
    % cd $IDL_VI
    % mkdir doc
    % ftp
    name: anonymous
    password: you@your.internet.node
    ftp> cd rosat/data/qsrc/software
    ftp> bin
    ftp> get hvi2.5.8.tar.gz
    ftp> lcd doc
    ftp> cd doc
    ftp> ascii
    ftp> mget *
    ftp> quit
  • then, after quitting ftp,
    % gunzip hvi2.5.8.tar
    % tar -xvf hvi2.5.8.tar (will create $IDL_VI/hvi2.5.8 and subdirectories)
    % rm hvi2.5.8.tar (you can get rid of the tar file)
    % setenv IDL_PATH +$IDL_VI:+/usr/lib/idl/lib
    assuming the normal IDL libraries are in /usr/lib/idl/lib

  • If necessary, get the appropriate version of the IDL ASTRONOMICAL USER LIBRARY from and the ROSAT IDL LIBRARY from .

    Place the compressed tar files in $IDL_VI, then gunzip and untar:

    % cd $IDL_VI
    % gunzip idlaul.tar.z
    % tar -xvf idlaul.tar
    % gunzip rosat.tar.z
    % tar -xvf rosat.tar.z
  • IMPORTANT: You should remove any old version of HVI2 from $IDL_VI before trying to run the new version of HVI2, for eg
    % mv $IDL_VI/hvi2.5.5 /tmp/hvi2.5.5


THERE SEEMS TO BE SOME INCOMPATIBILITY BETWEEN SUN and ALPHA versions of tar. SUN users may encounter problems when untarring this file. If you encounter problems, use the "gtar" utility to untar the file, i.e.

% gtar -xvf hvi2.5.8.tar

For further instructions, see the HTML version of the users' guide

A log of changes can be found in

Problems, Questions, Corrections? Contact Mike Corcoran at GSFC

Last modified November 8, 1999