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9.4 REV2 Data in the RDA


Starting in 1994 April, processing centers in the U.S. and Germany began distributing data in the so-called ``Rationalized Data File'' (RDF) format.     The RDF format was designed by joint effort between the U.S. and German RSDCs. RDF utilizes standard FITS constructs with file extension structures,  header keywords, table columns standardized in a generic, multi-mission manner. The adoption of the RDF format by both data centers means that the format of data processed after 1994 April will be site-independent. In addition, since the RDF format is also being utilized by other high-energy astronomy missions such as Einstein and ASCA, joint analysis of data from these missions and ROSAT is made easier.     For more information about the RDF format, consult the ROSAT Data Products Guide.   

REV2 data are those data processed by SASS 6.0 or higher and distributed in RDF format. It is planned that all REV0 data will be reprocessed into REV2 data and released to the archive. In addition, REV1 data will be converted to RDF (although not reprocessed through SASS) and archived. As the RDF versions of the REV0 and REV1 data are archived they will replace the earlier archived versions. This means that eventually the RDA will solely consist of data processed with SASS 6.0 or higher in RDF format.  

Table 9.6 lists the RDF data products generated for both PSPC and HRI.


RDF file Description Sample PSPC file Sample HRI file
basic photon events and good rp123456_bas.fits rh234567_bas.fits
uncorrected events list rp123456_raw.fits NA
ancillary orbit, aspect and rp123456_anc.fits rh234567_anc.fits
housekeeping data
derived total band image rp123456_im1.fits rh234567_im1.fits
hard band image rp123456_im2.fits NA
soft band image rp123456_im3.fits NA
exposure map rp123456_mex.fits NA
processing history rp123456_his.fits rh234567_his.fits
total background image rp123456_bk1.fits rh234567_bk1.fits
hard background image rp123456_bk2.fits NA
soft background image rp123456_bk3.fits NA
exposure map rp123456_mex.fits NA
source analysis results rp123456_src.fits rh234567_src.fits
source light curves rp123456_ltc.fits NA
postscript info rp123456_prt.fits rh234567_prt.fits
Table 9.6:  RDF data products


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