Suzaku General

aeaspect - Calculate mean satellite Euler angles for Suzaku
aeattcor - Correct Euler angles in attitude file for Suzaku
aeattcor2 - Create a corrected Suzaku attitude file based on mean event positions as a function of time
aebarycen - Apply barycenter correction to Suzaku EVENT and HK files
aecoordcalc - Coordinates calculator for Suzaku
aemkehk - Create an extended HK file from attitude and orbit files
aemkpinudhk - Calculate PINUD count from HXD HK for the NXB estimator
aemkreg - Generate a ds9 region file for given satellite Euler angles
aepipeline - Re-process the XIS, PIN and GSO data to produce cleaned event files
aetimecalc - Mission time calculator for Suzaku
suzakuversion - Report version string for Suzaku package


hxdarfgen - Generate the HXD arf files of PINs
hxdbstjudge - Judge HXD WAM light curves for bursts or occultation steps
hxdbsttime - Fill the BST_FRZD_TM keyword in the header of the BURST FITS
hxddtcor - Calculate the dead time correction for PHA files
hxdgrade - Fill the GRADE column for the WELL FITS
hxdgsoxblc - calculate the GSO source(+background) and background lightcurves
hxdgsoxbpi - calculate the GSO source(+background) and background spectra
hxdgtigen - Give the GTI to remove the telemetry saturation intervals
hxdmkbstlc - Make lightcurve(s) from the HXD Burst event file
hxdmkbstspec - Extract spectra from HXD Bust event file
hxdmkgainhist - Calculate gain history files for HXD WELL_PIN and WELL_GS events
hxdmkgainhist_gso - Calculate gain-history for HXD WELL_GSO. Used within hxdmkgainhist
hxdmkgainhist_pin - Calculate gain-history for HXD WELL_PIN. Used within hxdmkgainhist
hxdmkwamgainhist - Produce a gain history file for the TRANSIENT FITS
hxdmkwamlc - Make lightcurve(s) from the HXD WAM event file
hxdmkwamspec - Make spectra from the HXD WAM event file
hxdpi - Fill the HXD PI columns for the WELL FITS
hxdpinxblc - calculate the PIN source(+background) and background lightcurves
hxdpinxbpi - calculate the PIN source(+background) and background spectra
hxdscltime - Fill the TIME column for the WELL FITS (using SCLTIME and TI)
hxdtime - Fill the TIME column for the WELL FITS (using WELTIME and TI)
hxdwambstid - Make temporal burst ID table
hxdwamgrade - Fill the GRADE column for the TRN FITS
hxdwampi - Make gain correction for the TRANSIENT FITS
hxdwamtime - Fill the TIME column for the TRANSIENT FITS


mkphlist - Photon list generator for xissim
xis5x5to3x3 - Convert XIS 5x5 mode event file into 3x3 mode
xisarfgen - Calculate the XIS arf
xiscontamicalc - Calculate parameters relevant for the XIS OBF contaminant
xiscoord - Calculate the ACT, DEC, FOC and sky X/Y for XIS event files
xisexpmapgen - Create a detector mask image and an exposure map for XIS
xisgtigen - Write GTI after checking saturated frames and jumps in the frame time
xisllegtigen - Generate a FITS file of good time interval (GTI) that does not suffer from incorrect light leak estimation (LLE)
xisnxbgen - Estimate the XIS non X-ray background
xispi - Calculate the XIS PI and grade values from PHAS
xisputpixelquality - Put pixel quality code (PIXEL_QUALITY or STATUS) for each XIS event
xisrmfgen - Create the XIS energy Redistribution Matrix File
xissim - Generate a simulated XIS event file using the outputs of mkphlist
xissimarfgen - Calculate the ARF using the XRT ray-tracing simulator
xistime - Time assignment for Burst mode, P-sum mode or Window Option
xisucode - Assign the micro-code related keywords



February 2013