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New Version of addascaspec

Updated 2009 Dec 7

We released a updated version of addascaspec in HEASOFT v6.7, which, however, is buggy. Users should install HEAsoft v6.8, which contains the corrected version of addascaspec or download this version.

Addascaspec is perl script originally developed by Ken Ebisawa for use with ASCA data. It allows users to add the source spectra, background spectra, and response files with appropriate and consistent weighting, and is convenient when combining the spectra of near-identical instruments, such as 2 or 3 Suzaku XIS units with frontside illuminated CCDs.

New Features in HEASOFT v6.7

  1. The default errmeth parameter has been changed to "POISS-0," since the previous default ("POISS-1") was incompatible with the practice of using grppha to group the channels so that each group has at least 25 (e.g.) counts. This combination would have led to an overestimation of the errors of the grouped channels.
  2. An earlier bug was fixed so that errmeth is now consistently applied in adding both the source and the background spectra.

Bug Fix

However, a syntax error crept into the released version of the script, which therefore will not run. Until a corrected version is released, users should:

  • Download this version, edit the first line to point to the local installation of perl, and (if possible) overwrite the buggy version of the script in the HEASOFT directory tree. However, the last step is not essential, as the location of the script does not matter to its operation, as long as the user ensures the new version is used.

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This file was last modified on Tuesday, 08-Dec-2009 18:43:37 EST

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