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Suzaku Guest Observer Facility

HXD/PIN Epochs

Updated 2014 April 15

Epoch No.Date of ObservationResponse Files
12005.8.17 -- 2006.5.25ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe1_20080129.rsp
22006.5.25 -- 2006.10.3ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe2_20080129.rsp
32006.10.3 -- 2007.7.28ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe3_20080129.rsp
42007.7.28 -- 2008.8.31ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe4_20080129.rsp
52008.9.1 -- 2009.9.30ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe5_20080716.rsp
62009.10.1 -- 2010.1.16ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe6_20090826.rsp
72010.1.16 -- 2010.2.2 ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe7_20100731.rsp
82010.2.2 -- 2010.4.3 ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe8_20100731.rsp
92010.4.3 -- 2010.11.30ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe9_20100731.rsp
102010.12.1 -- 2011.05.25ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe10_20101013.rsp
112011.05.25 -- **ae_hxd_pinXXXXXe11_20110601.rsp


The HXD team has adjusted the high voltage setting of the PIN diodes and/or the low energy threshold 9 times so far during the mission lifetime. For each epoch, it is necessary to use:

  • the appropriate PIN threshold calibration file with hxdgrade during processing (true for all sequences currently available at HEASARC, proprietary or public)
  • the appropriately created PIN background model files (true for all NXB files currently available); and
  • the appropriate response files in data analysis (user responsibility)

The response files for Epochs 1-11 can be obtained through Suzaku CALDB. Further details regarding epochs can be found in this HXD CALDB Memo. Note, however, that the boundary between Epochs 1 & 2 listed in this memo (2006.05.13) is incorrect, and the value in the table above (2006.06.25) is correct.

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