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Using Version 6 Suzaku FTOOLS on Version 1.X Processed Data

(or how apply Version 2 reprocessing to Version 1.X data)

Updated 2007 July 20

Suzaku FTOOLS Version 6 are now available as part of HEAsoft 6.3.1. These tools and associated calibration files will be used in Version 2 (re)processing of all observations, which represents major improvements in data quality.

We hope to complete Version 2 processing of all Suzaku data by late October, 2007, so waiting for Version 2 re-processed data may well be a good option for many users who have already received data processed under Version 1.X. (Please note that this is a preliminary estimate. Once we have reprocessed a significant number of observations, we may update our estimate of when Version 2 reprocessing will be complete.)

In the meantime, it is possible for users to perform their own "Version 2" reprocessing of Version 1.X data. They can mostly follow steps described in the ABC guide, but here are some important differences.

  • There has been changes in the HXD event file format. Version 1.X event files can be converted to Version 2 format using this script. In addition,

    • Users should not run hxdmkgainhist; version 2 software requires the gain history files in CALDB.
    • hxdpi in V2.0 needs both the HXD HK file and the extended hk (.ehk) files. These file names should be written in a text file as individual lines and the text file passed in the parameter as @textfile.

    The HXD team will provide Version 2 background files as well as new response files. These will include files appropriate for PIN units with reduced voltage.

  • Users should run aeattcor to prepare updated attitude files, to be applied with xiscoord to the XIS data.

  • In addition to the steps described in the ABC guide, XIS data reprocessing should start by running xisucode on the unfiltered event file. The syntax for this is:
    xisucode CALDB filenames

    In addition, there have been minor changes of parameter names in at least one tool (xisputpixelquality). Try plist [toolname] to see the latest parameter names.

  • There have been changes in the recommended default screening criteria. Details will be provided soon.

If you have any questions concerning Suzaku, visit the Feedback form.

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